No Justice

I took the original pic while I was on the set of a short film called “Gideon Falls”.  I was in the bar room of the house that we were shooting at on location.  It was really dark in the room except for the window at the top of the ceiling and from the hallway through the door.    I had set my camera on the countertop in the kitchen attempting to take a photo with a long exposure to capture the light as well as some of the features of the room.  Before I knew it my camera was on the ground landing with a big crash!  My lens was a complete loss.  But the picture came out to be pretty amazing.  The streaks you see were caused from the movement of the camera as it was falling to the floor, the long streak is the crack in the lens.   The rest of the effects you see were added later in photoshop. The title came to me after the manipulation.

~ by third eye imagination on September 8, 2008.

One Response to “No Justice”

  1. As bummed as I know you were about losing your lens, you took this unfortunate accident and turn it into art. Great art too! This is what you call a happy accident. And I get to look at a print of it everyday in my home. Thank you again! Love it!

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