Nine Kinds of Naked

I had a professor in college who made a profound impact on me through his teaching methods and lectures.  His name was Tony Vigortio and the class was Sociology 101.  Tony taught very differently from other professors.  He related his own life stories to help teach his lessons and get his point across.  His lectures were often packed full of people, well past the 200 person capacity, an uncommon sight in a college classroom where the majority of students skipped class to attend a keg party or catch up on some zzz’s.  It was the type of class that people who weren’t even in the class came to observe.  Tony’s class was chock full of witty lectures and insightful quotes that kept you coming to class to see what was next.    Tony is the author of one of my favorite books, Just A Couple Of Days. His book was a lot like his lectures, you always wanted to see what was coming next.  Tony has a new novel coming out in October, Nine Kinds Of Naked.  Here is a review for Just A Couple Of Days that is on the inside cover: “Tony Vigorito’s brilliant novel is a Dr. Strangelove for the biotech century, a witty and wise end-of-the-world romp that manages to be optimistic – even joyous – yet cynically dystopian at the same time. Just a Couple of Days is savvy, wickedly funny, and profoundly disturbing. An absorbing, thought-provoking read.” – RICHARD HEINBERG. Here is a review of his new book: Nine Kinds of Naked offers ten distinct varieties of literary satisfaction, including metaphysical highjinks, libidinous lowjinks, hermeneutic mind games, Gordian plot twists, cognitive estrangement, linguistic surrealism, stylistic pyrotechnics, laugh-out-loud jokes, scrappy extrapolations, and the synergistic sum of the above.” –James Morrow.  Do yourself a favor and pick up these great reads from a great author.

~ by third eye imagination on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “Nine Kinds of Naked”

  1. Hey Tyler, thanks for the kind words… I miss the old days in Athens…

    Feel divine!

    Tony V

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