Google Sketchup

Well it’s the New Year and the familiar sight of bills are piling up reminding me that I need to make some of that stuff they call money….  While doing a little job hunting I came across a classifieds ad from a furniture company looking for people to digitally draw their inventory.  They need people  who know how to use Google Sketchup.  As soon as I read this, an idea popped up in my head-“Learn how to use Google Sketchup!”

Once upon a time in the not so distant past I had a job at an events production company.  I remember hearing about Sketchup from my boss who used it frequently in implementing his design ideas for parties.  I had used the program a few times but didn’t put too much effort into learning the program.  After coming across the classifieds ad I got to thinking and decided it’d be a fun challenge….

Here is my first attempt at drawing my desk:

Sketchup is a free C.A.D. (computer aided design) program offered by Google that makes it easy for anyone to design 3D models of, well, anything.  It is pretty simple to use and not to mention a great way to get the brain working.  It’s a lot of fun being able to view your design at all angles and in 3D.  Another cool feature of the program is being able to upload and save your building designs to Google Maps and Google Earth.  Check out Sketchup’s blog here:

I need to sell this design to IKEA!

Download Google Sketchup for free and have some fun.  The possibilities are endless…

~ by third eye imagination on January 2, 2011.

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  1. Google sketchup give more help in Cave Maps.

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