Holga 135 and Holga 120

This past holiday season my wonderful girlfriend got me a 35mm Holga toy camera.  I had been wanting a Holga for sometime now and was very excited when I opened this gift.  The first Holga was made in Hong Kong in 1982 and used 120 square format film.  The camera was mass produced and marketed as a cheap toy camera for kids.  And cheap it was-the plastic camera and plastic lens was prone to damage and wear and tear that would cause light leaks and cloudy colors in the developed photos.  While some people looked at these photographs and thought they were ruined, others looked at them and saw art.  Today there is a huge following of the Holga cameras and lomography. They have since produced many types of Holgas.

While home for the holidays I met a photographer named Bob who is a friend of my mom.  I mentioned that I had just recieved a Holga 135 and was wanting to get a Holga 120 to experiment with and modify to fit 35mm film to achieve certain photographic effects- then Bob gave me a Holga 120 right out of his camera collection!  I’m pretty excited to shoot on it and mess around with some different modifications. Pics coming soon!

Check out the 10 Golden Rules to Lomography.

~ by third eye imagination on January 4, 2011.

One Response to “Holga 135 and Holga 120”

  1. Fun stuff. I felt so cheesy shooting with my clunky plastic toy Holga this weekend.

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